Take your seat, we’re going to have some introduction.


  • Since Year 1937

    Where We Came from

    InnovationOne, Inc. is the digital arm of United Neon, an established name in the world of advertising since 1937. The company was one of the pioneers in the country to introduce commercial signages across key cities in the metro. From signboards and rooftop neon signs, to eventually making a name in the traditional media as a whole – United Neon built a strong standing in the advertising industry.

    In these times, everything evolves and we follow. Living in the era of the digital age, where people rely heavily on the internet to have the information that they need readily available to them 24/7, the face of the advertising industry evolved, changing the way how media is consumed by consumers who are always looking for the best products, the best services, and the best deals online. And so, InnovationOne, Inc. took this challenge to help United Neon’s clients appeal to their digital consumers.

  • We Are InnovationOne, Inc.

    As a digital marketing solutions agency that innovates new ways to advertise, it will be our responsibility to find the perfect synthesis between traditional platforms and the digital space. If you need digital marketing and integrated technologies solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

    We will go beyond conventional marketing strategies to engage consumers and create memorable experiences. We believe that it’s not just about creating awareness, but connecting with the consumers.

  • We Remain A Trailblazer

    Reinforced by the proven track record of United Neon Advertising, we carved our own niche in the way we advertise and market the organization’s esteemed number of clients.

    United Neon Advertising enters the digital scene and we as InnovationOne, Inc. bring our experience in helping advertisers effectively communicate their respective products and services to their customers through the digital mediums that we can put in place to help them reach their goals.


Who we are started from a vision.

In the efforts of United Neon to be the best-in-class media company that seamlessly integrates sound business strategies with innovative technology-driven marketing efforts to go hand-in-hand with established advertising platforms, the organization decided to expand its services and give its clients even more options that they can utilize to help them sell their products and services to their customers.


What we have proven came from our resolve to remain a trailblazer.

It's our mission to continue the strong pedigree that United Neon has built in the advertising industry and we are confident that we will achieve even more milestones by creating digital platforms that our clients can thrive on, doing our part to strengthen the company's firm grasp on top of the advertising world as it continues to be of service to its clients.


Our goal is to be part of your success

Our clients' victories are our victories. This is why we walk side-by-side with our clientele every single step of the way – from concept, design, and planning; to implementation, monitoring, and completion. We aim to carry the unparalleled reputation of United Neon and help lead our clients towards the future of the digital age.