6 Types of Consumers You Meet Online

Posted: May 11, 2018



Numerous established sites that enable you to shop online tells that most consumers already went digital. Perhaps in the next few years, a number of these digital consumers will grow and the marketing industry will continue to thrive.

In 2013, significant insights by GroupM Next and Compete, a Kantar company, identified 6 types of digital consumers from their study:

Basic Digital Consumers

In simpler words, these are the people who are okay using the Internet for shopping and research but they have the second-highest likelihood of buying offline. Perhaps, these people still opt to do shopping in malls. It is also said that in the next few years, this segment will likely shrink as people become more mobile-centric.

Retail Scouts

These consumers are said to prefer retails sites to brand sites. Find these retail scouts use mobile devices or tablets more likely at home than outside, and they didn’t express a preference between online and offline.

Brand Scouts

These are the consumers who are said to be “the spiritual partner” to the Retail Scouts, but these ones have a favorite brand. In this segment, they already know what they want to buy. The question they have is, “should I buy it?” They go to sites to check the features and find the display ads valuable. They are not price-sensitive but they are responsive to value-added perks. It is also said that “when compared to other segments, they have the highest preferences for offline purchases.”

Digitally Driven Segment

In this segment are the people who always use social and mobile. They would always choose convenience and as much as possible, as they avoid going to physical stores. It is said that “the digitally-driven exist in good numbers already, but within five years this will be the dominant segment of consumers.

Calculated Shoppers

Calculated Shoppers seem to know they are going to make a purchase, but they are deciding which brand to choose. They are similar to the Digitally Driven Segment, but they don’t have the urgency to purchase. They actually take their time! They also like to compare prices when making purchasing decisions.

External Shoppers

These shoppers have a lot of questions! They are not yet decided which brand to buy, what product to buy and even asking if they would really buy a product. They don’t use mobile when shopping and if they buy online, they do their research on desktop and laptop computers.

What does it mean for digital marketers and to the field of advertising? Finding out what triggers each of these segments to purchase will help businesses grow. It’s perhaps providing promos that will be applicable to some segments or generate excitement about the products which more likely will be good for some of these segments who click ads.


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