4 Facts You Need To Know About InnovationOne, Inc.

Posted: May 11, 2018



We are currently living in an era that demands you to be knowledgeable of the “digital” world to survive.  As United Neon says it, “Meet the customers everywhere”, and that includes doing advertising with a modern twist, keeping up with this fast-growing industry.

Pioneering in OOH advertising in the country, United Neon’s mission and vision expands in the digital world through InnovationOne, Inc. their newest digital arm. And here’s what you need to know about us:

  1. InnovationOne, Inc is your one-stop-shop for your creative and digital marketing solutions.

This includes campaign conceptualizations, marketing collaterals, creative contents, website design, mobile app development, social media management, online shop/E-commerce and a lot more! So if you’ve come to this article because of your interest, yes, we can make your brand known in the World Wide Web. Not only that, we also offer Integrated Technology Solutions such as social hives, digital OOH integrations and more.

  1. As UN’s digital arm, InnovationOne, Inc. finds the perfect synthesis of traditional platforms and the digital space for you.

Our goal is to be a part of your success, providing you with the new and innovative options you can use to sell and advertise your products to your consumers. We make sure to integrate traditional mediums with new digital platforms.

  1. We’ll keep you connected to your consumers 24/7.

In the online world, a lot can happen overnight. If your busy schedule can’t keep up, we can do it for you! Creativity and innovation don’t sleep here. We’ll allow your brands to go with the flow of the ever-changing shifts in the marketplace through an avenue that keeps them connected to the consumers 24/7, whether on TV, radio, print, or the digital space.

  1. In a nutshell, we’re like the “children” of someone you “trust”.

Being new in this industry doesn’t mean we can’t do much. Instilled in us are the same core values you know that United Neon Advertising, an established name in advertising, has. It runs in the blood! From our humble beginnings, we started to build on our credibility in the digital arena by helping our clients connect with their customers.

Like United Neon, we are also making lives meaningful but in our own special way in the digital world.  We are determined to the challenge in carving our own milestones not only with tenacity, and perseverance, but also with creativity and innovation.

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