3 Reasons Why Social Media Is a Need Today

Posted: May 11, 2018



Notice that when people don’t have anything to do, the first thing that comes to their minds is to check their Facebook feed, tweet that they’re currently doing nothing or do an Instagram story using GIFs. Anywhere we go, everybody’s heads are bent down, glued to their phones, and most probably updating their social media. We’re all guilty of that! In an article from GrowthGurus (insert link) it said that social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and most people will agree to this. When before it was just another novelty, it has become an important platform today.

Who would have thought that apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, seems to have shaped the way we live today? Most netizens (the people who avidly use the internet), rely heavily on online to communicate and stay connected to others. And aside from the convenience it brings, here are three (3) main reasons why social media has become a necessity:

  1. It allows everyone to share content as quick as a click.

Personal or business – whatever purpose it deems to serve to you, social media lets you share content all you want in any way possible. To advertising and/or marketing, it increases brand awareness in a cost-friendly environment. When before it takes you a few minutes to deliver messages, you can do that today in just a few seconds using social media applications.  Aside from that, people like to share almost anything.

Spreading news seems to always be a breeze here as well. In a nutshell, social media lets your content be just a post one day and a viral phenomenon the next.

  1. People would always want to be involved.

Social media’s keyword is interaction. It continues to thrive in all corners of the globe because it enables everyone to interact and engage which most people like to do. Filipinos enjoy this, getting raised in a culture where every post online seems to ask for their involvement – solicited or not.

And so this power should be put to good use. If you’re wise enough, these engagements can be a valuable tool for any use you’d want it for in the fastest way.

  1. It vastly reaches an audience that gets larger by time.

An article from argued that social media has no geographical boundaries. As it reaches people, prospects, and customers across the globe; expanding your network or business is a good idea for it.

Not only that, feedback is much easier, which is said to be the lifeblood of any business. With social media, you get to know how people view you and hear from them real time! These audiences get larger in time because of how easy it is to build more and more connections through social media.


Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to business and valued today by many. Did you know that Social Media Marketing is even included in the curriculum of some universities in Singapore? That’s how they recognize the importance of it. In these times, our feeds, chat boxes, and posts are the first thing and the last thing we see in a day and we all can’t seem to live without it – we might as well use it the best way.

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